campus volunteers smallVolunteers have contributed to the growth of Rochester College since its founding. Many have served on boards and advisory committees. Hundreds have worked countless hours assisting the Associates and other college fundraising activities.

In an effort to better fulfill its mission and meet critical campus needs, Rochester College introduced a formalized program for campus volunteers. Through this program, you are able to assist Rochester College by working on campus in a variety of volunteer roles.

Why volunteer at Rochester College?

Rochester College provides a unique educational setting. Employees as well as students enjoy a vibrant educational community known for its sense of mission and Christian commitment. While serving as a Rochester College volunteer, you are surrounded by the vitality of youth and individuals who care for one another. Though your volunteer efforts, you help change the lives of others.

Who can volunteer?

You may apply for a campus volunteer role if you are at least 18 years of age. Retirees are particularly encouraged to apply. One retired couple relocated to the Rochester Hills area from Atlanta, Georgia, to serve as campus volunteers. Most roles are based upon interest and ability. You may pursue a role related to your professional experience or accept the challenge of learning new skills. You must successfully pass a criminal background check for all departmental roles.

What volunteer roles are available?

Volunteers serve in a broad range of roles integrated into most campus departments, including academic services, adult education, athletics, career services, communication services, development, maintenance and grounds, operations, student life, and student financial services. Each role is defined by a specific job description. Check the volunteer opportunities page for all departmental roles that currently are available along with their job descriptions. Additional volunteer roles are available in Lake Norcentra Park, a scenic area of campus bordering the Clinton River Trail. For more information on those roles, visit the park website.

What are the time commitments of volunteers?

Most roles require volunteer service at least once a week. Some roles are seasonal or are available only during the academic year. Some require a minimum time commitment of one year because of training requirements. Scheduling information is included with each job description. You are expected to maintain regular hours with the exception of illness, holidays, and pre-approved vacation time since your campus department depends upon your efforts.

How does an individual volunteer?

After reviewing the volunteer opportunities page and selecting role preferences, you must submit a formal application online. Applications are accepted only for open roles. Available roles change over time, so you are encouraged to check this site regularly until finding a role you desire.

What happens once an individual applies for a role?

After receiving your application, the program coordinator contacts the appropriate department about an interview with you. The interview is designed to make sure the role is a good fit for both you and the college. Once approved by the department supervisor, you complete an institutional orientation session with the program coordinator and departmental training for your particular role. Generally, individuals who are accepted for staff roles can begin volunteer duties within a few days of their application and interview for a particular role.

Who can be contacted with questions about the volunteer program?

Larry Stewart serves as coordinator of the campus volunteer program. He may be contacted at 248.218.2023 or