Student Life Emerging Leaders are critical in the process of shaping the student experience at Rochester College.  As part of the Student Life Leadership program, emerging leaders participate in roles that support and advocate for campus-wide community building, academic pursuits, spiritual formation, health and wellness, social justice and community service. As student leaders engaged in nurturing a greater capacity for leadership in these areas, emerging leaders will develop the skills necessary to become among the most approachable, friendly, relational, and amongst the most successful RC students.

The ideal Emerging Leader demonstrates the desire to develop: excellent interpersonal communication skills, enthusiasm for the college, leadership abilities, positivity, sound judgment, and reliability. They are among Rochester College’s most essential student leaders, the future RC Fellowship Leaders and embody the best of the College.

The program includes a rigorous application and interview process. Students who are granted this opportunity undergo comprehensive training to prepare them to assist with college events as official hosts, both on and off campus.

In this way, an Emerging Leader’s responsibility includes serving as an ambassador for the college. As ambassadors, each Emerging Leader supports the college’s branding efforts by being a positive representative of the college with everyone they meet, agreeing to share their experiences at Rochester College with College constituents and participating in internal and external institutional marketing efforts and promotions.

Emerging Leaders gain leadership and real work experiences in the areas of marketing, public relations, public speaking, branding, team building, pastoral care, and the management of others. Working in the Center for Student Life, all leaders are genuinely interested in the development and success of the college and the RC student experience.

Position Qualifications

  • Be in good academic and judicial standing with Rochester College
  • Exhibit an active and growing Christian faith
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for the college, students, faculty, staff and co-curricular programming
  • Posses an in-depth knowledge of the institution and its resources
  • Communicates effectively both verbally and written; as well as interactively with various technologies
  • Be willing to help students with personal concerns (including, but not limited to: housing, parking, social interactions, self-care, academic pressures, loneliness, etc.)
  • Demonstrate sensitivity/interest in diversity/cultural differences; ability to effectively communicate with a variety of personalities
  • Function effectively in a team environment
  • Exhibit strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Have the ability to prioritize multiple tasks and responsibilities

Position Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Fulfill all responsibilities and expectations of the accepted role/position
  • Attend an annual leadership retreat during the Spring Semester.
  • Attend all training opportunities associated with the accepted position


Becoming an Emerging Leader means that you represent the best of Rochester College. The position of an Emerging Leader is one of great prestige that will enhance your co-curricular college experience, develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), candidacy for future graduate school, professional aspirations, and wholeness as a servant leader. In addition to being set apart from the crowd, Emerging Leaders are awarded compensation commensurate with the accepted position.

Emerging Leader Positions

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Urban Plunge Leader Impact Leadership Team  Community Leader (Formerly RA) Offering Worship Team Member Campus Ministry Assistant

Student Leadership Application