Living on campus at Rochester College is a great way to get the most out of your college experience.

By staying in one of our four residence halls, targeted for specific needs and walks of life, you will have better knowledge of and faster access to our many campus events, and you will find yourself growing even closer to our tight-knit, vibrant community.

All single traditional students of freshman and sophomore status are required to live in campus housing unless they are living with an immediate relative 26+ years of age. If you are a full time traditional student between the ages of 17 and 25, come be one of our 300 residential students and explore the layouts and descriptions of our halls by clicking the Residence Halls tab above.

Residence Life Mission

The mission of Residence Life is to globally impact lives of students by creating an opportunity in which residents are immersed in an environment that teaches valuable life skills, integrates academic knowledge with experiences outside of the classroom, and engages them in the Rochester College community in order to instill a lifelong desire to mature intellectually and spiritually.


Residence Halls

Alma Gatewood Hall

Built in 1970, Alma Gatewood Hall is our historic, three-story residence hall right in the heart of campus, making it ideal housing for freshmen. Able to house up to 132 students, with both male and female floors, there is a laundry room/kitchenette equipped with two washers and dryers, a sink, a stove and a microwave for both the male and female areas.

Rooms are arranged in suites with two double occupant rooms connected by a shared bath. Furnishings include two beds with loft and bunk capabilities, a walk in closet or wardrobe, a desk, a hutch, a chest of drawers, and a chair for each resident. Cable and network Internet services are included in the cost of room and residential support fees.

The lobby of Alma Gatewood Hall is open to both genders and is a popular hangout and homework spot. The lounge area is great for watching TV and movies or playing video games, and there are also study tables to work on homework or play cards. A computer and a printer is also provided in the lobby, as well as access to our wireless network.











Ferndale / Hoggatt Hall

Ferndale/Hoggatt Residence Hall was built in 1997 and has two wings, Hoggatt Hall for male students and Ferndale Hall for female students. There are two floors for each hall, and each floor houses approximately 35 students with a total capacity of 138 students.

This complex is normally for students who have completed at least 30 hours or two semesters at Rochester College and are under the age of 25, however it can also house some transfer students who have completed 30 or more hours at other academic institutions.

Rooms are arranged in suites with two double occupant rooms connected by a shared bath. Furnishings include a bed with loft and bunk capabilities, a wardrobe, a desk, a chest of drawers, and a chair for each resident. Cable and network or wireless Internet services are included in the cost of room and residential support fees. Each wing has a kitchen on the first floor supplied with a table, chairs, stove, sink and counter space.

Residents of Ferndale and Hoggatt share laundry facilities that have five washing machines and six dryers that are also used by the residents of Palmer Hall. The mail area is also located in Dearborn Commons.

The lobby connecting the two buildings, known as Dearborn Commons, is the ideal place for everyone to relax, play cards, watch television, do homework, have a Bible study, or play some ping pong. Dearborn Commons is open until midnight for residents and their guests and a Security Officer monitors the lobby each night and signs residents in and out. Dearborn Commons has a computer and printer for student use.




Barbier Hall

Two-story Barbier Hall is the home of our Living/Learning communities, currently focusing on our Leader Dog Training Program. Students approved to live in Barbier enter the program as either a raiser or sitter for specially selected puppies. Residents will be working alongside the local Leader Dog center in specifically chosen programming and curriculum to bring these puppies up to be future Leader Dogs for the disabled. All participants must be pre-approved, so contact Assistant Dean of Student Engagement Scott Cagnet (scagnet@rc.edu) for more information.

Furnishings in Barbier include two beds with loft and bunk capabilities, a walk in closet or wardrobe, a desk, a hutch, a chest of drawers, and a chair for each resident.

Cable and network Internet services are included in the cost of room and residential support fees. Each floor has a large community bathroom with private showers and individual vanities, with laundry facilities on the first floor and a coffee kitchen on the second floor. Each floor also has a lounge area perfect for studying, relaxing or meeting a dog!



Palmer Hall

For older students (25+ years) and married couples seeking to live on campus, Palmer Hall offers more independent transitional living while still offering the benefits of being part of the campus community. The units are carpeted studio apartments with a walk in closet and small bathroom. Each unit has its own external entrance and one assigned parking space directly in front of the building. Students interested in living in Palmer Hall must apply in advance and are granted housing on a first come first serve basis with priority given to married couples. This cozy, one-story building has only 8 units available, so get your applications in fast! Five units offer kitchenettes that include a refrigerator, stove, and kitchen cabinets, and all of them are prepared for phone, cable, and network internet connections. *No meal plan is required for Palmer Hall residents, but may be purchased upon request!


Residence Hall Guidelines

Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are 10pm to 8am and there are 24 hour courtesy hours.

Opposite Gender Guests: Residents may not have a person of the opposite gender in their room at any time—including family members—without permission of the RD or RA. Failure to obtain permission may result in disciplinary action, suspension, or loss of housing privileges.

Single Palmer Hall residents may have non-family guests of the opposite gender during the hours of 6:00am to 1:00am. No overnight non-family guests of the opposite gender are permitted in the apartments.

Open House: Rochester College allows visitation privileges for its residents, enabling students to interact with one another for academic and social purposes.  These privileges permit guests of the opposite gender in one’s room, and may be revoked at any time to any and all parts of a living area.  The Area Coordinator in each building reserves the right to terminate an open house in any part of the residence halls due to excessive disruptive behavior, disrespect for others, or any other circumstance deemed an interference.

Open House hours are 7pm to 10pm Sunday through Saturday.  No person is permitted on the wing/floor, hallways, or stairwells of a living area of the opposite gender except during Open House visitation hours.  The door to the student’s room must be wide-open at all times, no individual is allowed to lay on any bed in rooms with guests, and there must be adequate lighting in all rooms when visitors of the oppose gender are present.  Finally, all students’ guests must be escorted to and from rooms while in the building.  The student hosting a visitor is responsible for all actions of his/her guest.

All lobbies are open for co-ed visitation at all times. Lobbies may be closed at certain times at the discretion of the Residence Life staff.

Overnight Guests: Residents may have overnight guests of the same gender. All overnight guests must be registered no later than 24 hours the night of their stay in the case of a personal emergency that necessitates contacting the guest in a timely manner, or in the case of a safety emergency such as fire or natural disaster leading to an evacuation of the residence halls. A guest registration form for all minors should be requested from the Residence Life staff at least 48 hours in advance of the stay. Rochester College reserves the right to refuse permission for overnight guests. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and any damages they cause. Guests should be at least 15 years old and comply with College guidelines. Guests may not stay more than one night per calendar week without advance permission from the Coordinator of the residence hall.

Hall & Floor Meetings:  Meetings are mandatory and will be held at a time when most residents are naturally present in the hall. They provide an opportunity for information sharing and problem solving. Absences must be approved in advance by the Coordinator of your residence hall. Residents who fail to attend without granting permission from their Coordinator may be subject to a fine.

Holiday Breaks: The residence halls will be closed during the Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. Alma Gatewood will be closed over Spring Break. Ferndale and Hoggatt halls will be open over spring break for Ferndale and Hoggatt residents and their guests who are working or taking classes off site. Students on behavioral probation will not be permitted to stay in the hall over Spring Break. All guests must be accompanied by their host(s) to enter the halls and stay overnight. When the halls close, residents must vacate the residence hall no later than the announced closing time and return no earlier than the announced opening time. International students, or students living a significant distance from the campus needing assistance in securing local housing during the breaks, must submit a written request at least one week in advance to the Director of Residence Life. The College will aid these residents in finding housing accommodations during these break periods but cannot guarantee housing so residents should plan ahead.

Reporting Facility Problems: Residential facilities are maintained in a cooperative effort between Residence Life and the Maintenance and Housekeeping departments. Residents should assist these departments by reporting maintenance or housekeeping problems. This can be accomplished by reporting the needed repair or problem via email to helpdesk@rc.edu or to the Area Coordinator via email. If we don’t know it’s broken, we can’t fix it. College maintenance, housekeeping and security personnel reserve the right to enter rooms for repairs and for safety inspections. Residents will be notified by maintenance by leaving a written notice or email indicating repairs were completed. In case of emergency involving water or electrical outages please contact Maintenance at 248.765.8013 or x2911 from on campus or during office hours, x2080 or x2072 and your Resident Director/Area Coordinator immediately.

Emergencies In the event of an emergency on campus please call 8-911 if using an on-campus phone to reach local or county emergency services. Also contact Campus Security at 248.765.8013 or x2911 from any on campus phone and, if residence hall related, also contact the RA or Area Coordinator immediately.

Fines and Special Fees: Charges and fines, which may be assessed to a student’s account, include some of the following: excessive noise, unassembled furniture upon check out, screen tampering or removal, improper facilities use, failure to clean, lost or improper key usage, room change fees, late check-out, improper check-out, damage, etc. More information on these and other fines and special fees can be found in the Student Handbook or College Catalog.  Fines for repeat offenses will be assessed on a graduating scale, doubling with each offense. For example, if a resident fails cleanliness check, the initial fine will be $25. If the resident fails cleanliness check a second time, the second fine will double to $50. If the resident fails cleanliness check a third time in a school year, the fine will double again to $100. Second time offenses will also result in a meeting with the Resident Director/Area Coordinator to clarify expectations. Third time offenses will result in a meeting with the Resident Director or the Director of Residential Life and may also result in loss of housing privileges. Damages to the facilities due to inappropriate usage will result in a $25 fine plus the cost of repairs to the facility. Continued misuse of the facilities will result in the doubling of fines and possible loss of housing privileges. The fine and cost of repairs may be waived at the discretion of the Resident Director and/or the Director of Residence Life.

Room Information

Twin XL Beds

Please note that the mattresses measure 80”, are considered to be extra-long, and that XL twin sheets will fit best.

Need help finding extra-long bedding to fit the mattresses in our halls? We can help! Rochester College has partnered with Residence Hall Linens for several years to provide our students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have sheets that will fit all of the beds on campus. Proceeds from this program are used for programming in the residence halls. There’s free shipping for all Value Pak orders, more than 40 color combinations available, and linens are delivered to your home during the summer for extra convenience.  Please visit the RHL website https://www.ocm.com/rch/linensponsor.




No nails, screws, sticky tape or glue may be used on any walls. Command strips are permitted as long as properly removed without damaging the wall.  The walls are painted neutral colors and may not be painted.


Under strict guidelines, the only pets allowed are fish in ten-gallon tanks or less. For the further guidelines and more information, please visit the Office of Residence Life.


The only appliances allowed in rooms are one small refrigerator (no taller than 3 feet) and one microwave per room , coffee pots, and irons. Coffee pots and irons must have a functioning automatic shut-off switch. All other appliances (i.e. microwaves, toasters, ovens, hot plates, sandwich makers, etc.) are prohibited. In residence halls kitchens are provided for student use. In all other residence halls, areas are provided which contain a microwave for student use.


All residents are expected to keep their rooms clean and safe. The residents must maintain the private bathrooms and suites.  Occasionally the Residence Life Staff will check the students’ rooms.


Sample Rooms with Measurements


Cost of Living

*All costs are per semester*

Residential Fees and Deposits
Room- Ferndale, Hoggatt, Gatewood, Barbier: $1,797.50
Board – 19 meals/week: $1,890.00
Board – 10 meals/week: $1,400.00

Married/25+ Housing (as available)
Palmer Studio Apartments (per month): $465.00

Private Room Fee (nonrefundable)
As available, in addition to Room and Board: $700.00

Room Security Deposit (for all residential locations): $190.00

Housing Sign Up

New Students

Welcome to our campus! The Residence Life team will be working hard during the summer of 2018 to make sure you have the best possible housing assignment in our residence halls! Here is what you can expect from the housing process during that time:

Step 1 – Once you’ve been accepted to RC, please fill out a Room Request form here. Make sure you fill it out as completely and accurately as possible, so we can ensure you the best fit for your room!

Step 2 – Once your Room Reservation Form has been processed, we’ll send you a confirmation email with your building assignment.

Step 3 – When we find the best roommate match for you based on the information in your Room Reservation Form, your Area Coordinator will contact you both with your roommate assignment and include a contact email for each of you so you can begin to discuss your room.

Step 4 – The week before move-in you will receive your room number assignment along with further move-in instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us at residencelife@rc.edu and we will do our very best to help you out.

ADA Housing Accommodations

Students who need ADA accommodations for housing will need to make those requests with the accommodations officer. These students will still need to complete an online housing application and contact RCs accommodations officer Caitlin Bechard (cbechard@rc.edu) directly with their ADA request. The Accommodation Office will work in concert with the Center for Student Life to make any necessary modifications, especially as it applies to assigning  those students to spaces that meet their needs.

Private Rooms

Space for private rooms is extremely limited, and will be consigned to available rooms in Barbier Hall. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for private rooms, you will still need to come to the Housing Signup night with a roommate and either Ferndale/Hoggatt or AG room in mind. After signing up for your room, you will have the option to put your name and credit hours down on the private rooms waiting list. Once regular housing has been assigned, private rooms will be given out based on class ranking and need. If you do not receive a private room, your name will remain on the waiting list throughout the summer, in case space becomes available.

Please keep in mind that the private room fee for the 2018-2019 school year will be $700 per semester IN ADDITION TO regular housing costs.

Move in

We’re excited to have you on campus! To help you prepare for your big move, please review the move in dates and times below. In order to move into the residence halls, all students must first be registered for classes and be given “official” status by Student Financial Services (sfs@rc.edu)


2018-2019 School Year

Move in date for First Year Students for Fall 2018:
August 22, 2018 9 a.m.-noon

Move in date for Returning Students for Fall 2018:
August 24, 2018 1 p.m. -6 p.m.



What to bring:
Winter AND summer clothes – it’s Michigan, you’ll encounter every weather condition.
Bedding – In order to make sure all of your bedding matches the size of our mattresses, you’ll want to visit http://www.rc.ocm.com
Bathing supplies and towels
Throw Rugs
Desk and Floor Lamps & Bulbs (non-halogen)
Trash Can Liners (8 gal.)
Laundry Detergent
Dryer Sheets
Fabric Softener
Cleaning Supplies
Prescription Medications
Alarm clock
Computer/Laptop – AND laptop charger!
Ethernet Cable
Power Strip w/Surge Protector
Mini fridge

What NOT to bring:
Microwaves and toasters – We have them in the kitchens
Hot plates
Candles and wax heaters/Anything with an open flame or hot surface
Weapons of any kind
Alcohol – we are a dry campus
Water pipes/hookah


Area Coordinators

Area Coordinators are full-time employees who live in each residence hall and are responsible for working alongside student Residence Life staff to build community and encourage residents in their educational, physical, psychological and spiritual development. Community Leaders are employed by the college to assist the Area Coordinator. While embodying the typical Resident Advisor position, Community Leaders are called on to go above and beyond, creating community and encouraging unity in the residence halls and on their floors through programming that is socially-oriented and co-curricular.  Trained in peer mentoring, Community Leaders are available to answer many of your questions about campus life.

Alma Gatewood: Sarah Sager                     Ferndale/Hoggatt/Barbier: Brandon Langeland

2018-2019 Community Leaders

Alma Gatewood

(left to right:) Emily Levine, Rhys Siegel-Hinson, Marlena Booth, Damon Alexander, Jillian Abuan



(left to right:) Joshua Phipps, Makenna Calkin, Joel Boyd, Shelby Kurschat, Jacob Jenema, Lauren Weiss