The Fletcher Center Cafeteria, operated by Aladdin Food Management Services, LLC, is located in the lower level of the Associates Campus Center building and provides several dining concepts to cater to different diets and preferences similar to a food court. Three meals are served daily except on Saturday and Sunday where brunch and dinner are provided. Wireless Internet is also offered in the cafeteria.

All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan, except those living in Palmer Hall with kitchenettes. The basic meal plan contains 19-meals per week and a $100 Warriorbucks balance credited on your Student ID Card. A reduced, 10-meal-per-week plan is available to Palmer residents without kitchenettes and to students with extenuating circumstances such as those involved in student teaching or off campus internships. Meals are non-transferable. Residents requesting a reduced meal plan or a complete exemption must complete a form available on the student portal in The Center for Student Life and submit appropriate documentation. Requests for exemption are approved only when medical conditions dictate that the college meal plan or any modifications of the meal plan are unable to meet the needs of the student.

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Students on a meal plan must enter the cafeteria by swiping their ID Card. Each resident may use the ID Card declining balance feature to purchase a meal in the café or cafeteria for themselves or their guests. Specific dining policies can be read in Residence Life Handbook and/or the Food Service Guidelines publication available in the cafeteria.

Students who commute to campus can purchase a meal plan, a block of 15, 50 or 75 meals, or deposit money onto the ID Card declining balance feature through the Business Office. Students without a meal plan will be required to pay cash at the door or use available funds on their ID Card.

The Atrium Café is located in the Isom Atrium in the West Side Central Auditorium. Students and their guests may purchase a meal, snack or beverage using cash or their ID Card declining balance feature. The cafe is equipped with comfortable coffee house style seating and wireless internet.

Vending Machines are located throughout campus, in the laundry room off of Dearborn Commons, in Alma Gatewood Hall lobby, Associates Campus Center lobby and the Utley- McCauley Student Center, to provide snacks and Coca-Cola beverages. The machines are coin and credit card operated.

Cafeteria Hours:

M-F  Breakfast  7:30a-9:30a
          Lunch  11:30a-1:45p
          Dinner  5:00p-6:30p
Sat    Brunch  12p-1p
          Dinner  5p-6p
Sun   Brunch  11:30a-1:30p
          Dinner 5p-6p