Chris Shields, II Campus Minister

Chris Shields, II
Campus Minister

From RC Campus Minister Chris Shields:

Campus ministry seeks to engage the Rochester College community by…

  • Fostering and growing community interaction
  • Providing meaningful, practical, and encouraging opportunities for worship, growth, and fellowship
  • Creating involvement in service, missions, and leadership opportunities

We believe that the richness of the Christian faith is not best expressed as an intellectual knowledge of certain concepts and prescripts; rather, faith should inform, transform, and empower daily living. It should be the practice of a daily walk of a life that values Christ-likeness, service, integrity, and community.

Campus ministry is committed to a spirituality that embraces the wholeness of individuals and communities and the world around them. Understanding the difference between a church and a college, Campus ministry will seek to help each student grasp that part of being a well-rounded, well-educated, and well-equipped person is to have asked and wrestled with the questions of spirituality and faith. We seek to transform our students and our community by incorporating the challenging, dynamic, person of Jesus into every aspect of our lives.

For more information concerning Campus Ministry activities please contact Chris at cshields@rc.edu or at 248-218-2114.

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24 Hour Prayer

Nothing is as effective for the growth and health of a college as prayer. During the first week of the fall semester, the students and employees of Rochester College take turns praying 24 hours around the clock to pray for God’s blessing and guidance throughout the upcoming school year.


Chapel is a longstanding tradition that speaks to the very identity and mission of Rochester College. Chapel provides a time for our community to come together to worship, learn, and grow together. It is designed to be a moment of community in the midst of individual lives—a sacred interruption to our hectic schedules. Chapel services may include prayer, songs of worship, and hearing a message from gifted speakers from within and outside of our campus community. Chapel is an opportunity for spiritual encounter that will hopefully speak the presence of Christ into our community and our individual lives.

Happy Hour

Each week Campus Ministry hosts a Happy Hour serving tea and coffee. This is simply a chance to help people relax and take a peaceful moment in their day. Everything is free, including the smiles.


Have you ever wondered what God wants you to do with your life? Have you ever asked: “What is my calling?” If you want to hear God’s call in a noisy world, you have to develop rhythms of rest, and reengagement.  Unplug is a recurring activity where we gather, check our social media at the door, and develop practices that help us tune in to God’s movement in us, and in the world.


Approximately 30 students and employees participate in Shack-a-Thon each fall. The purpose of Shack-a-Thon is to raise awareness for the homeless and poverty stricken. The goal is to educate the community about the problem of homelessness and to encourage them to take action. We also aim to raise awareness of the need to help low-income families find safe, affordable housing. Participants build makeshift shacks on the front lawn and live in them for 48 hours and attempt to simulate poverty housing. During this time, food is limited, port-a-potties are used, and all electrical devices are forbidden. All money raised during Shack-a-Thon is used to fund various service events throughout the year. In 2008-2009, these events included the adoption of a family for Christmas, various events at the Coalition on Temporary Shelter (COTS), and a community tutoring program.

Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge is a week-long service immersion experience over spring break. Students work with schools, churches, homeless shelters, mental health organizations, children’s homes, and neighborhood providing hope and love for the city of Detroit.

The Offering

The Offering is a monthly evening of praise and worship in music and prayer. Student led with a variety of musical styles and gifts, the Offering aims to empower the lives of disciples through sincere and meaningful worship.

On-Campus Devotionals


Throughout the week, students lead devotionals in each of the residence halls to provide a time for regular community dialogue with and about the Bible. These informal gatherings of students seeking to understand and stand under the scriptures have a serious impact on the practical faith-walk of the students that attend.