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The Center for Student Life

Steadfast with Rochester College’s Christian identity, the Center for Student Life exists to support students in their quest for purpose, meaning, and faith, through dynamic co-curricular programs and relational ministry.

As a student of Rochester College, we truly desire for you to become familiar with our standards and policies. Many of them are located for your convenience on this website. Please peruse through the links listed and be sure to contact our office should you have questions. The personnel of The Center for Student Life are here to serve you.

On behalf of The Center for Student Life, Welcome!

Along with our faculty colleagues, we want you to know how important each student is to our community. You are the heart of the educational enterprise.

The Center of Student Life exists to make your experience at Rochester College as satisfying and successful as possible. I lead a dedicated team of Student Life professionals who together oversee co-curricular activities like, Chapel, Campus Ministries, Campus Student Activities and Programming, Residential Life, Community Standards, and Leadership Development.

It is our best hope to create a caring, Christian community where we learn and grow together. We are committed to your intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth and are here to serve you to that end.

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Announcement Request Form

This form should be completed for announcements and calendar requests. We need at least 12 hours notice for most announcements. The form is time and date stamped when submitted. The Center for Student Life reserves the right to remove any and all content without prior notice. The Center for Student Life reserves the right to edit the content of the announcement or slide for length or clarity.

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Campus/Organization Activity Request Form

Campus or student organizations hosting an activity/event/fundraising activity on or off campus must have approval from The Center for Student Life office prior proceeding with the activity. Once this form is completed you will receive an email with approval or requesting further information.

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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Owners: All students with vehicles on campus must register them and receive a parking tag. This can be done during registration or at any time through The Center for Student Life. You will need your license plate number and vehicle specifications (i.e. color, year, make, and model). There is no extra fee for parking decals. Students are not to park in fire lanes, reserved, or restricted areas. Vehicle violation fines are outlined in the Course Catalog and must be paid to the Business Office. Unpaid vehicle violation fines may be put on a student account, and neither registration nor transcripts will be allowed until these fines are paid. Questions concerning violations should be directed toward Campus Security.

Bicycle Owners: Students bringing bicycles should register them with The Center for Student Life and obtain a registration sticker in order for them to be allowed on campus. Registration stickers should be affixed to the bicycle appropriately. Bicycles must be stored in your room or at a bike rack located behind one of the residence halls. It is recommended that all bicycles be locked or otherwise secured when stored outside of the student’s room to avoid theft or “unapproved borrowing.” No bicycles may be stored in stairwells or hallways.