Great Opportunity for Businesses and Students

scholarbizRochester College and Scholarbiz have partnered to deliver RC students the opportunity to gain work experience while pursuing a college degree.

The Scholarbiz platform allows for businesses and organizations of all sizes to post projects they need help with but do not have the time or expertise to execute on their own. Students are assigned to projects based on their skills and educational experience. The businesses and organizations pay the students and the students receive feedback they can utilize for building a resume and preparing for future job opportunities.

At a glance

• Matches needs of businesses with talented students
• Provides assistance with special short-term projects
• Equips students with real world experience
• Offers assistance regardless of business location

What others are saying

A Rochester College Student:Scholarbiz is an incredible opportunity for Rochester College students. We always hear it is important to build our resume while still in school, but sometimes those opportunities seem limited to the classroom. Scholarbiz offers students real world experience to complete freelance projects for all types of organizations. My experience completing a project for Direct Rx Pharmacy in Troy was very beneficial.”

Abiz_macbook Business Owner: “The project completed by a student at Rochester College exceeded our expectations. The research project was done ahead of schedule and the report that was assembled was easy to understand. I would highly recommend other business owners leverage these talented students for their own business projects.”

Larry Stewart, Director of Alumni Relations: “For some time we had been looking for a practical method to connect as many alumni and students as possible in meaningful internship experiences. When Scholarbiz was introduced to us, we immediately were attracted to the program. Without requiring a long-term internship, Scholarbiz provides an ideal platform for connecting students with businesses and other organizations that need help with specific projects.

biz_teamA Rochester College Student: “The Scholarbiz platform is very easy to navigate and certainly helped me practice some of the skills I have gained from college on a flexible schedule. It was a great experience to interact with the clients and to help them out.”

Danny Cagnet, Director of the School of Business: “Scholarbiz provides real world experiences for students. They are committed to helping students bridge the gap between education and a professional career. In the process Scholarbiz creates a ‘win-win’ scenario for the student and the organization seeking assistance with short-term projects. Alumni and others can help Rochester College students build resumes and realize a cost savings at the same time.”

For more information about the program or to request a student for a special project, visit the Scholarbiz website ».