Mission Statement

The English Department fosters students’ ability for responding to and producing written communication in order to enhance their success in college and in careers.  Through composition, creative writing, and literature courses, the instructors introduce the diversity of existing world views, the continuity of the human experience, and an appreciation for historical, cultural, and spiritual values.

Academic Opportunities

Rochester College offers offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. The interdisciplinary studies also features concentrations in English and professional writing. Students may also combine the study of English with teacher certification to teach English at the secondary level. English courses are also an important component of the Language Arts major, which (with teacher certification) allows graduates to teach at the elementary level. An English minor may also be paired with most majors. Foreign language coursework fulfills a General Education requirement in all the Bachelor of Arts programs at Rochester College and serves as a valuable complement to other programs.

Career Opportunities

Many employers value an English degree as a solid foundation for the world of work. The English major develops communication and critical thinking skills and provides a better understanding of human nature and universal issues and truths. Careers available to graduates with a degree in English writing include education, journalism, technical writing, business, law, library science, and government service.

In today’s world, foreign language qualifications can be a valuable asset. Organizations engaged in global business seek multilingual graduates to fill positions in business, banking, and finance. Also, multilingual communicators may find jobs as translators or teachers.




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