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The Strategic Leadership program focuses on providing adult learners with knowledge and understanding needed to be effective in a broad range of leadership roles found in large or small, private, public, non-profit, corporate, government, or community organizations.

The program explores the complex nature of leadership in modern organizations that require leaders to be informed, forward-thinking, creative, innovative, motivating, team-building, problem-solving and adaptive. Students investigate the importance of understanding the culture in decision making as well as the theoretical foundations and practical behaviors and processes that promote positive leadership and organizational growth.


Rochester College’ history of providing a quality education within the context of a personalized student environment is expanding. We understand that adult learners have different needs than traditional college students because of their responsibilities to their professions, families and busy lives.

Our online Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Leadership offers a high quality academic program through a convenient delivery model. This provides you the flexibility and freedom to pursue your education, while balancing family and work commitments.

General Education Core 25
Pre-Requisite 3
MGT 2603 Principles of Management 3  
Strategic Leadership Core 24
LDR 3633 Conflict Management and Negotiation 3  
LDR 3653 Strategic Leadership Theory and Practice 3  
LDR 3713 Leadership of Teams 3  
LDR 3733 Leadership in a Diverse World 3  
LDR 4113 Leadership, Research, and Decision Making 3  
LDR 4513 Strategic Change and Leadership 3  
LDR 4723 Leadership Seminar (Capstone) 3  
MGT 3603 Organizational Behavior 3  
Management Track 24
BUS 3003 Business Communication 3  
BUS 3303 Business Law 3  
 BUS 4943 Ethics in Business 3  
HRM 3613 Human Resource Management 3  
MGT 3703 Management Information Systems 3  
MGT 3713 Operations Management 3  
MGT 3733 Project Management 3  
MGT 4123 Financial Planning and Control Systems 3  
REL 1003 Intro to Christian Faith 3  
Electives   41



LDR 1053 Personal Leadership in a Learning Environment
Information and resources about the collegiate environment and strategies for success. Skills and techniques for managing time, studying effectively, understanding expectations, and communicating with faculty to facilitate an enriching academic experience.

LDR 2013 Global Connections: Skills, Competencies and Visioning
Understanding an individual’s role and responsibilities in a global society. Becoming global citizens, developing skills related to cultural awareness, information literacy, ethical decision making, and interpersonal communication.

LDR 3633 Conflict Management and Negotiation
Examination of the principles behind effective conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, and ethical issues related to the use of such techniques by leaders to ensure organizational effectiveness and interpersonal growth. A special focus is placed upon creation of win-win solutions to real life organizational situations. Conflict is examined as both a necessary and challenging workplace phenomenon, and this course may use conflict resolution and negotiation simulations to practice skills and techniques.

LDR 3653 Strategic Leadership: Theory and Practice
Theories, concepts, and practical applications necessary for leaders to guide individuals, work units, and organizations to the achievement of goals. Concepts and models of leadership, along with the barriers to effective leadership, are explored at the personal, individual, and organizational level through exercises, case studies, and reflection. PR: MGT 2603.

LDR 3713 Leadership of Teams
Exploration and application of key leadership and management theories within organizations and the behaviors that emphasize the importance of people as the most valuable organizational asset. Students analyze the relationship between personal and shared vision and values within an organization aided by the theories and techniques of communicating within the context of a team or community.

LDR 3733 Leadership in a Diverse World
Investigation of the cross-cultural understanding required by leaders in diverse environments with multi-cultural workforces in multinational and U.S. organizations. Specific issues addressed include cultural contexts for international management, approaches for learning and adapting to different cultures, leadership and motivation across cultures, international teams and group dynamics, cross-cultural negotiation and conflict resolution skills, intercultural communication, and ethics in international organizations. Readings, projects, and class exercises examine leadership in diverse settings.

LDR 4113 Leadership, Research and Decision Making
Emphasizes the importance of intentional and responsible decision-making through the examination of market trends and societal changes. Students engage in a research project designed to provide practical application of intentional decision-making theories.

LDR 4513 Strategic Change and Leadership
Examines theories, concepts, and processes of leadership and change in organizational, community, political, and societal contexts. Focuses on purposes and reasons for leading change in social structures, human conditions, dominant ideas, or prevailing practices using theoretical and experiential approaches.

LDR 4723 Leadership Seminar
Explores the concepts and principles fundamental in strategic leadership. Topics include perception and decision-making, employee motivation, group and team processes, human resource management practices, strategic organizational design, power and politics, corporate culture, and organizational change and transformation. The instructional approach includes readings, discussions, lectures, case analyses, video presentations, experiential exercises, and “real world situations.” A central goal of this course is to provide leadership practice through the development of analytic skills and reflection. This course serves as a Capstone course for the Strategic Leadership program for assessment purposes.