At Rochester College, we offer you a breadth and depth of learning that goes beyond the books to educate you as a whole person – mind, body and spirit. It’s a higher quality of higher education – one that will not only equips you to succeed in your career, but your everyday life as well.

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Rochester College is committed to academic excellence.

Our Integrated Learning Model emphasizes the importance of a liberal arts curriculum that models and teaches critical thinking, effective communication skills and scholarly research. This commitment to academic excellence means small class sizes and student-faculty mentoring that ensure the only number you’ll be is one. It means specialized programs, the use of cutting-edge educational technology and a liberal arts curriculum that equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to advance your career and your life. You will learn to be a critical thinker and effective communicator so that you will succeed in every aspect of your life.

Rochester College cultivates the moral and spiritual development
of its students.

We believe learning happens most effectively when it focuses on all of life. We cultivate the moral development of our students while promoting an inclusive learning environment. In other words, we open our doors (and our arms) to anyone who seeks to explore and grow their faith. We see college as a journey that will require a lot out of you, but will give back so much more. The result of this philosophy is well-educated, compassionate, interesting and eager students who change the world for the better.