Welcome to the Fall 2018 RC Academic Symposium

December 7, 2018 – A Celebration of the Liberal Arts

Academic Symposium began in 1999 when seniors were invited to Dr. Beth VanRheenan’s home to present their capstone projects and became institution-wide in 2003. Now, this event occurs twice a year and provides a variety of formats for all Rochester College seniors to present capstone projects. Conference-style presentations are reserved for senior capstone projects. During the poster session, both senior capstone projects and supplemental research is displayed on a 3’ x 4’ poster and the authors summarize their works to approaching viewers.

SESSION I (11:00 – 12:15)
Poster presenters

Oral presenters

Room 1 (HL 115)

SESSION II (12:25 – 1:50)
Oral presenters

Room 1 (HL 112)

Room 2 (HL 115)

Room 3 (Aud East)

Room 4 (HL 113)

SESSION III (2:00 – 3:25)
Oral presenters

Room 1 (HL 115)

Electronic Poster Display