Tiffany Wright-Ofeimu

Student Story

Tiffany Wright-Ofeimu

Bachelor of Science
Graduated in 2004

What are you currently doing for your career?

I am the early childhood education professor and coordinator at Oakland Community College in Waterford, Michigan. I teach all of the ECE courses and coordinate all other aspects of the program, including student support, adjunct faculty, scheduling, assessment and accreditation.

How did RC’s early childhood studies program help you achieve what you have become?

First and foremost, Rochester College provided me with the necessary educational credentials to back up my experience. I had been working in the field for a long time, but my educational background was not in early childhood education. Completing the degree opened up many doors for me because I earned the credentials necessary to pursue new opportunities, such as higher-ranking administrative jobs and graduate school, which is required for my profession. 

What advice would you give to students who are thinking about becoming early childhood studies majors at RC?

Go for it! You will not regret it. It may take hard work but in the long run the pay-off is immeasurable! I am proof of that! 

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