Steve Linville

Student Story

Steve Linville

Bachelor of Science
Graduated in 2011

What are you currently doing for your career?

I am the senior art director and lead the custom design team at Fathead LLC. We specialize in creating an identity for every client. The team designs exciting spaces and custom graphics for a wide variety of situations, both large and small. Past projects have included a wide body of work for an impressive selection of accounts. I work closely with a team of talented designers to create large-scale murals, signs, displays and graphic installations for professional sports teams, leading corporations, major colleges and universities, along with other organizations seeking visual impact.

How did RC’s mass communication program help you achieve what you have become?

RC’s mass communication program included many key courses which I can relate to in my daily life, in both professional and personal situations. There are a few courses which I remember vividly for not only the content, but the instructors who presented the material. Christian Faith, Intercultural Communications, Research and Media Ethics were all challenging and impactful. Kent Hoggatt was successful at teaching us about business-related coursework, while also subtly allowing his faith to be key to his teaching methods. The course in Christian faith taught and reaffirmed values and beliefs that are at the forefront of the way I live. The intercultural communication and research helped to mold my understanding, expectations and deliverables in real world environments. These and other courses provided expectations for what my career could include and in many instances have included. I have also found that I speak, email and present in a much more concise way which is important in the communications field.

What advice would you give to students who are thinking about becoming mass communication majors at RC?

The mass communication program offers many avenues in the media world, from public relations to design to digital media and others in between. The coursework is informative and sometimes intense; however, it provides the bones to beginning a successful career in the media industry. My suggestion is to choose what you are most passionate about. Knowledge of communication and passion work hand in hand and are key to a successful career. Knowing where you want to go will allow you to communicate and work toward the goal.

Begin this step in your life with eyes wide open, with a determination and true excitement. A prosperous education and eventual career will result from what you put in to it. Standing by your beliefs provide clarity and strength during decision making. Have confidence, manage your time effectively, prioritize logically, be honest and accountable, and you will succeed.

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