Rebecca Trouse, MA, LPC, NCC

Student Story

Rebecca Trouse, MA, LPC, NCC

Bachelor of Science
Graduated in 2011

What are you currently doing for your career?

I am a state licensed and nationally board certified professional counselor. Currently, I own and provide mental health counseling services at my private practice, Aspects Counseling, located on Main Street in downtown Rochester, Michigan. Breeze, my cute, trained, 3-pound Yorkie, sometimes works with me providing animal assisted therapy.

I have extensive training and experience with all topics related to relationships, grief/loss and trauma. As well, I help individuals, couples and small groups learn skills for recognizing and overcoming stress, anxiety, depression, anger and forgiveness. Teaching communication skills is one of my top responsibilities when counseling couples.

Additionally, I have the privilege of serving as an adjunct professor in the psychology department at RC. As a graduate of the program, I have the unique advantage of really understanding the implications students face when enrolling in an accelerated program while balancing work and home life.

How did RC’s psychology program help you achieve what you have become?

Rochester College’s CEL Psychology program helped me achieve my goals by preparing me for graduate school. As an RC graduate, I was well equipped with not only academic acumen, but also sharpened writing skills and presentation experience. The various academic experiences I had while at RC enabled me to develop professionalism and easily communicate with my peers, instructors and professionals in the field. The program was also valuable to me because of the streamlined process in which courses were offered. 

What advice would you give to students who are thinking about becoming RC psychology majors?

My experience shows that students who graduate from the RC CEL Psychology program are often accepted and very respected in graduate programs. You will have a strong knowledge of psychology due to the rigorous standards at RC. The college has excellent resources, such as the library and Academic Center for Excellence, to aid students with research and writing, if needed. Develop a love of reading and writing about past and current research! Be accurate in your communications (speak and write clearly) because psychology is a science. Seek to apply what you are learning in class to everyday life, when possible. Stay professionally connected to your peers and professors after graduation.

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