Andrea Walker

Student Story

Andrea Walker

Bachelor of Science
Majored in English
Graduated in 2005

What are you currently doing for your career?

I’m currently the development director at Meadow Brook Theatre. I also am a publicity consultant with Walker Publicity Consulting. My role at Meadow Brook Theatre includes fundraising, community outreach, development, corporate relations, donor relations and grant writing. My consulting business focuses on publicity and media relations, marketing consultation, social media management and email marketing. In 2016, I was named one of Oakland County’s Elite 40 Under 40.

How did RC’s English program help you achieve what you have become?

RC’s English program was the foundation for both my business and understanding the importance of writing on every aspect of life. I had both a professional writing and literature track when at RC, which allowed me to keep developing my creative skills while honing my technical and publicity writing skills that would lead to my career. The professors at RC were supportive and challenging. Smaller class sizes meant attention to detail that English and writing need. The English degree was everything I needed to tackle both the business and public relations worlds as a skilled writer and a great thinker. Those two things have advanced my career in ways I never thought possible.

What advice would you give to students who are thinking about becoming English majors at RC?

If you are studying English, know what you want to do with it. Take the time to develop those skills along the way. An English degree is much more vast than people realize and opens you up to many opportunities. I started my career in journalism and am now in development, publicity and grant writing. My English degree prepared me for all of those things simultaneously. Also, put in the hard work. RC professors love what they do and want to challenge you and see you succeed—it’s the best opportunity to truly become a talented writer or start a career in writing.

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