The RC-Campus Puppy program is dedicated to serving the community by raising and providing behavioral training to puppies that will later serve those who are visually impaired through a partnership with our neighbor, Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Leader Dogs for the Blind is a service organization that has been providing guide dogs to the visually impaired for over 70 years and they live, work and operate within hundreds of feet, not miles, from our campus. They provide the necessary training to match approximately 200 guide dogs with visually impaired clients each year, at zero cost to the client. You can find out more about Leader Dogs for the Blind by going to:

To accomplish this mission, Leader Dogs has very formal breeding, puppy raising, and guide dog training programs. Rochester College is partnering with Leader Dog for the Blind through the creation of the RC-Campus Puppy program to provide students, faculty and staff the opportunity to raise the puppies that will become guide dogs through Leader Dog’s rigorous training program. At the end of each academic year, a limited number of puppies will be distributed to selected students to be raised on our campus as a member of the Rochester College community.

Students who are chosen for the responsibility will be expected to commit to raising the puppy for a minimum of one year and must be committed to following the puppy training program while providing care for the puppies needs through the course of that year. 

Puppy raisers will become a member of a puppy raising community organized by Leader Dog for the Blind and will be paired with another student who will provide their service as a puppy sitter.

We encourage all students, residents and commuters, who are interested in raising a puppy, becoming a puppy sitter or students that just wish to learn more about Leader Dog to complete the “RC-Campus Puppy Application”. You will find the application by going to your student portal ( and selecting the “Online Applications & Forms” link from the menu on the left side of the screen.