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Rochester College’s “Chapel/Convocation Series” (CSL).

Every full-time traditional student participates in the Rochester College Chapel/Convocation series (CSL). The CSL series offers opportunities for students to participate in events and activities aimed at building Christian faith and community, affirming Christian values, and developing the whole person. CSL options include regularly scheduled Chapel and Convocation events, as well as various small group opportunities and service initiatives.

Each semester, students participate in CSL by being enrolled without charge in “CSL 2001: Chapel/Convocation.” CSL 2001 carries one academic credit and is assigned a letter grade at the end of the semester based on the following 30 point scale:

  • 30 points or more  – A
  • 26-29 – B
  • 22-25 – C
  • 18-21 – D
  • 17 or fewer – F

Points are earned by participating in various CSL events. Course policy requires at least 50 total points are available each semester; with 60 points being the maximum allowed. Most CSL opportunities earn one point each. Chapel/Convocation takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11:10am and 11:40am (see schedule on back). Chapel Electives are a blend of scheduled events, and learning moments scheduled by students. The academic credit does not count toward degree requirements but is calculated as part of a student’s overall GPA.

Attendance at most CSL events is recorded by the Altimeter Software App, which is a location based system, so that credit will be given only to those students who have checked into that location/event. Students without smart phones can check in at a kiosk at the event. For further details on policies, exemptions, and schedules, visit the Center for Student Life or go to Student Portal and click on the ‘Chapel’ link on the menu. It is the responsibility of each student to monitor attendance points on their Altimeter Software App, or at by using a Chrome broswer. Attendance discrepancies should be reported within two weeks of the event in question via a form on the Student Portal. No changes will be made after two weeks of the event.


Chapel/Convocation CSL 2001

Points may be earned through the following CSL Opportunities:

TELOS//God’s Gathered People: Chapel and Convocation (32 possible points)

  • Academic Convocation is a special campus-wide assembly alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays and occurring once per month. It is a time for the entire Rochester College community to come together to celebrate and participate in significant events, academic commitment, and community life.
  • Community Chapel is a weekly service which is open to everyone and provides a time of community prayer, worship, and reflection. Community Chapel meets on most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:10am-11:40am.

TELOS//with God Life and God’s World (21 points)

  • Wellness  address issues of personal wellness through exploring practices related to physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Mindfulness/Spiritual Practice gives students intentional practices to be fully present to self, others or God in their daily lives.
  • Service Learning integrates meaningful community service and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.
  • Special Programming opportunities are one time, uniquely designed events that promote co-curricular initiatives through the Center for Student Life.

For questions or further information please contact the Chapel Coordinator, Katelyn Hargrave at

*See Chapel Calendar for full details on TELOS//Chapel events
For further details, and the most up to date information on locations, schedule changes, and times, please visit the  TELOS//Chapel/Convocation calendar, student portal at, the RC App, or the Center for Student Life office.