Rochester College’s ACE academic support center is currently offering online writing tutoring  for students.  Please read the information below before submitting a paper and contact Paula Bonbrisco at 248-218-2174 if you have any questions.

  • Rochester College’s Peer Writing Tutors will abide by RC’s Comprehensive Code of Academic Integrity.  The final draft should be the author’s original work and that includes the editing.
  • Please complete the Online-Writing support form found on the Student Portal and rc.edu/ace for each assignment.  You may only submit one assignment at a time.
  • Allow 48 hours for your paper to be returned.  Please submit papers by Friday at noon if they are due on Monday.
  • The tutor time will be limited to 60 minutes per paper.
  • It is expected that the paper will be edited by the author before submission to the ACE.  Do understand that the ACE will not take a rough draft and refine it into a final draft.
  • The tutors will look at higher order concerns (thesis, organization, development).
  • The tutors can assist with grammar and punctuation and will do so in the form of comments and questions.  The student may have to research for understanding of those comments.  For example, instead of putting a comma after an independent clause, the tutor will state, “This is a compound sentence.”
  • The author makes the final decision on his/her original work, and all of the tutor’s comments should be questioned and researched before submission to the instructor.
  • It is expected that the author will learn from this process, and his/her writing will improve with effort.  Do address recurring issues throughout your entire paper.
  • Each paper can only be submitted two times for tutors’ comments.
  • For more information email acelab@rc.edu.  We look forward to working with you.  Please complete the form and attach paper and rubric.