Rochester University Visual Identity Guide VISUAL IDENTITY USE

One of the most important factors in the success of Rochester University’s visual identity is the consistent implementation of the identity system across campus departments. Adherence to the RU Brand Book will increase the effectiveness of the program for the entire institution. As the primary visual identity for the institution, the primary logo (or badge and wordmark) must appear on all communications, including brochures, advertising, stationery, business cards and the University website. Download Brand Book »

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Our official name is Rochester University. There is no “The” in front of Rochester University. Rochester University may be shortened in limited capacity by using the initial RU.


As the icon representing Rochester University’s institutional brand, the logo is designed to reflect the University’s values and identity as a faith-centered school oriented towards high academic performance and a commitment to public service. The badge’s overlaid “R” and “U” represent people united in pursuit of shared, purposeful goals. The white line dividing the badge represents the Clinton River’s passage through the campus. The word “Rochester” is set in serif type to represent its strong academic tradition, while “University” is sans-serif to reflect a contemporary vision and an orientation towards continued progress and growth.


The Rochester University seal is used exclusively in official communications and documents, including diplomas, letters of acceptance, communications from the Board of Trustees and from the University president. The seal’s design elements incorporate both the University’s Christian heritage and its natural setting, with representations of campus features such as the wooded environment, the Clinton River, and the cross at Lake Norcentra. The seal is available by request only. Communication Services will provide digital art for approved purposes.

The official color of Rochester University is crimson.

For print use:
Spot color: PMS 186 C
Process color (CMYK):

For web use:
RGB color: 206.32.47


The Rochester University “Winged Warrior” serves as the visual identity for all Rochester University competitive sports and teams, representing spirit, strength, boldness, and achievement. The Warrior’s open wings symbolize the University and students ascending to attain their goals, “opening up” to the world. The Warrior’s strong, confident stance embodies the determined spirit of the University.

The Warrior Athletic logos are to be used for all Athletic Department and sports information communications. Athletic uniforms and similar clothing should use the official colors of Rochester University. These logos are available by request only. Marketing & Communication or the Athletic Office will provide digital art for approved uses.