Are you a high school student who wants to make the world a better place? Have you ever wondered how you can use your unique talents to positively impact your community? If you answered “yes” the RC Social Impact Camp is for you!

Join other high school students who have a passion to do good for a three-day camp on the campus of Rochester College. The camp will feature programs to help identify your personal strengths, as well as inspirational stories and visits with local non-profits and entrepreneurs who are using their talents to positively impact our community, and a chance for you to combine your strengths and passions to develop a social impact idea. You will also get a chance to “pitch” your social impact idea to a panel of judges for a chance to win an RC scholarship!

Meet like minded high school students. Interact with Rochester College professors and students. Discover your strengths. Spark your passion. Learn to pitch an idea. Win a college scholarship.

Colleges and employers are looking for students who can articulate their strengths, have a passion for the greater good, and can work with a team to develop ideas. At the RC Social Impact camp you will have the opportunity to do all of this, and more! Commit this summer to adding an impressive camp experience to your personal story!

A limited number of spaces are available for this camp, so please register ASAP!



Sunday, August 5 | “You and Your Passion” 1:00-4:30

1:00: Arrival, Introduction to Staff, Welcome Message: “What is Social Impact?”
2:00-3:30: Strengthsfinder Exploration
3:30-4:30: Team Building Exercise

Monday, August 6 | “The Impact of Others” 8:00-4:30

8:00: Arrival & Breakfast
8:30: Offsite Visit #1
11:30: Lunch
12:30: Offsite Visit #2
3:30: Matching Your Strengths with Social Passion

Tuesday, August 7 | “What Will You Do?” 8:00-4:30

8:00: Breakfast & Project Instruction
8:30: Developing a Social Impact Idea
11:30: Lunch with Special Guests
12:30: Developing Your Presentation
2:00: Peer Presentation & Review of Projects
3:00: Final Presentation for Celebrity Panel & Parents
Check back for an updated schedule of events soon!


Please make sure you fill out both the student information form as well as the registration form, or you will not be fully registered for camp!

Student Information Registration Form