Digital Strategist
Phone: 248.218.2073
Hello! My name is Meghan Kehoe, and I'm an Admissions Recruiter here at Rochester College. Thus far, one of my favorite parts about Rochester College has been its commitment to community. Even as a member of the staff, I've been able to see the way Rochester College truly values every member of its community, from students, to faculty, and everyone in between. I believe that RC's commitment to community is what makes it an incredible place to go to college.  Outside of my work at Rochester College, I live in Detroit, and am an active member of my community church, Woodside Detroit. I'm a total bookworm (seriously, you could mistake my house for a library), and I perform locally with the Rackham Choir, as well as a jazz band, and on the worship team at my church!  If you have any questions about campus life, admissions requirements, or anything else you can think of - I'd love to hear from you!