Assistant Dean of Spiritual Formation & Campus Pastor
Phone: 248.218.2114
Office: Campus Center
  • Education - Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary studies (Ministry, Music, and Psychology)- Rochester College, Master of Religious Education : Missional Leadership Rochester College
  • What do you do in your job? I mentor students, and encourage the Rochester College Community towards a more faithful practice and reflection of Christ.
  • Hobbies/favorite things to do - Eat, Hang out with college students, play board games, work on my kids’ treehouse.
  • Myers-briggs and or Strengths Finder results:
    • Myers-briggs: ENFP
  • Top 3-5 Books:
    • The Bible by Multiple authors,
    • Leadership on the Line by  Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky,
    • Exclusion and Embrace by Miroslav Volf,
    • Unclean by Richard Beck,  
  • Most influential person/hero? My Parents have helped God shaped me into who I am today. They influence in my life is pervasive, and irreplaceable.
  • Why are you at RC? RC provided me with the most formative years in my young adult life. I’m Honored to participate in that legacy leaving culture for the sake of students.
  • Favorite food - Fried Chicken, Chicago Style Pizza, Double-stuff Oreos
  • Most embarrassing moment - I don’t embarrass too easily, but I’m sure it's coming.
  • TV show character you most relate to -  Not sure that I have one...
  • Life theme song: (Right Now... ) Quiet Place- Take 6
  • Who would play you in your bio-pic? Denzel
  • If you weren’t at work, what would you be caught doing on a sunny day? Working on my kid’s tree house! (or generally doing child related activities)
  • What is one food habit you wish you could kick? Eating Oreo’s late at night…. Although, not really.
  • What are 5 things you’re most thankful for right now?
    • My wife
    • My kids
    • A sense of calling in God’s world
    • Good food
    • Great conversations with people.
  • If you could ask God 1-3 questions, what would they be?
    • How Long Oh Lord?
  • Favorite spot on campus? My Office… Lots of great conversation happens there!