Area Coordinator, Ferndale/Hoggatt Hall
Phone: 248.218.2203
  • Education - BA in Theatre, Calvin College; MA in Theatre Ministry, Regent University
  • What do you do in your job? - I supervise the upperclassmen residence hall and guide my RA staff in dealing with building issues (including disciplinary matters), while also trying to find ways to encourage, celebrate, and drive the residents into succeeding through their first year of college.
  • Hobbies/favorite things to do - Comic books, classical music, hiking, finding the next great coffee shop
  • Top 3-5 Books -
    • Les Miserables
    • Wild at Heart
    • A Tale of Two Cities
    • Idylls of the King
  • Favorite food - Pizza or spaghetti, anything where I can mix beef, cheese, and marinara
  • Most embarrassing moment - I once walked onstage during a performance after a quick costume change and didn’t realize until halfway through the scene that I had put my polo shirt on backwards. Not inside out. Backwards.
  • TV show character you most relate to - Phil Dunphy from “Modern Family”
  • Life theme song
  • Who would play you in your bio-pic? - It would be animated.
  • If you weren’t at work, what would you be caught doing on a sunny day? - Standing in line to get ice cream.
  • What is one food habit you wish you could kick? Procrastinati...
  • What are 5 things you’re most thankful for right now? - My job, my dog, my church, Hardee’s cheeseburgers (don’t ask why. I have a problem), and music
  • If you could ask God 1-3 questions, what would they be?  I understand three is the number of completion, but there is no way I can narrow it down that much
  • What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? - Tie between the Grand Canyon and the view of the entire Clackamas river valley (in my old hometown, Portland, OR)
  • Favorite spot on campus? - The fire pit behind Palmer