Our official name is Rochester College. There is no “The” in front of Rochester College.
Rochester College may be shortened in limited capacity by using the initial RC.


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REQUEST FORM: Warrior Athletics Logo


One of the most important factors in the success of Rochester College’s identity program is consistent implementation of the identity system across campus departments. Adherence to these guidelines will increase the effectiveness of the program for the entire institution. The logo must be present on all Rochester College communications. As the primary graphic identity for the institution, the primary logo (or torch and wordmark) must appear on all communications, including brochures, advertising, stationery, business cards and the College website.

Use of the seal is restricted to official documents, ceremonial events, and special activities of the institution as approved by the Office of the President. It may not be used in conjunction with the college logo. The official college seal should be reproduced from authorized original illustrations and should not be redrawn, reproportioned or modified in any way.
The seal is available by request only. Communication Services will provide digital art for approved uses.

The Rochester College Warriors logo and interlocking RC is to be used for all Athletic Department and sports information communications. Athletic uniforms and similar clothing should use the official colors of Rochester College. This logo is available by request only. Communication Services or the Athletic Office will provide digital art for approved uses.

The logo torch and wordmark logo consists of two parts, the torch and the wordmark, and the parts should never be seperated. Traditionally, the torch symbolizes light in darkness. For Rochester College, this has two meanings: (1) enlightenment through education, such that one grows intellectually and is able to connect coherently the truth of God with the wisdom of humanity; and (2) a beacon of Christian hope, cast across a world that is searching for salvation.

The official color of Rochester College is crimson.

For print use:
Spot color (coated and uncoated paper): PMS 1807
Process color (CMYK): 23c, 100m, 100y, 18k

For web use:
RGB color: r = 165, g = 30, b = 34
Hexadecimal: a51e22

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The logo is a single element. The torch and the wordmark “Rochester College” should always appear together.





Scale: The size should not compromise the readability of the logo. The college logo should never be reproduced smaller than 1-5/8″. 



Clear Zone: Enough space should be allowed around the logo. When the college logo is used with other design elements such as typography, illustrations or photography, the logo must maintain a minimum “clear zone”, or space around itself. Use the height of the letter “H” in the logo as a guide.



The overall proportion of the logo should always be maintained. The logo should not be compressed or expanded.




The logo should not be placed in a box or any other containing shape.

The full logo should always be shown. The logo should never be cropped or used as a design element.

The logo should always be legible. It should not be used as a decorative background element.

The logo should appear in one color only. If possible, use crimson. If not, use white or black. Do not use different colors for the different elements of the logo.





The image to the right was designed for RC’s website. Please do not use this image with the crimson gradient background in print or online.


Any questions on logo usage please email Communication Services,