Undergraduate Application

Rochester College’s undergraduate traditional programs engage students in a Christian academic community where they interact with professors to understand and carefully study all that the arts and sciences has to offer. Degrees are offered in a variety of subjects, including business, education, humanities, mass communication, nursing, psychology, religious studies and science. This link below will allow you to apply to this program.

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Accelerated Learning Application

Rochester College’s Center for Extended Learning (CEL) serves students by offering an accelerated learning program designed to meet the needs of students who may be working, unavailable for daytime courses, or immersed in family responsibilities. The accelerated programs are offered through a combination of evening, weekend and online courses offered in four different locations (Rochester Hills, Macomb, Southfield, and Flint). This link below will allow you to apply to this program.


Graduate Application

Rochester College offers a two-year Masters of Religious Education degree that is designed to provide advanced preparation for men and women for full-time ministry in church and para-church service, preparation for a life of scholarship and teaching, and personal spiritual enrichment.  This link below will allow you to apply to this program.


Dual Enrollment/Guest Student Applications

Dual Enrollment: High school students, after completion of their sophomore year may dual-enroll at Rochester College and take lower division General Education courses, or with permission of the appropriate department chair, other lower division courses.



Guest Student: A student classified as a guest student in the following circumstances:

  • The student is enrolled at another college or university.
  • The student is not seeking a degree from Rochester College.
  • The student is auditing a course.