Rochester College has chosen Parchment for all transcript requests.

Send your official transcript anywhere in the world with just a few clicks!

Student, parents, and alumni can use Parchment, the leader in eTranscript exchange, to send transcripts electronically, securely and confidentially, all with real-time tracking.

To order your transcript, click the ORDER YOUR TRANSCRIPT banner below. The first thing you’ll do is create an account, then you’ll place your order, and then you can track your order 24/7.
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Visit to access the Parchment Student Tool Kit containing:

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Rochester College also maintains the academic records of William Tyndale College by request of the Michigan Department of Education. Tyndale alumni must follow the same procedures listed on this page to obtain transcripts of work completed at Tyndale.

For questions concerning the status of an account, call 248.218.2056. For other transcript questions, call the Academic Services Office at 248.218.2091.

Other Records

Rochester College does not release high school transcripts, ACT scores, SAT scores, or transcripts submitted to Rochester College for transfer credit. You must contact each respective institution to request such records.