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Jessica Schatz

My experience in RC’s music department was exactly what I needed to develop the leadership skills I now possess. The music classes themselves were incredibly beneficial and ...”

Joe Crabb

I would recommend the youth and family ministry program at RC for anyone who is thinking about going into student or family ministry. I was at a point in the fall of 2006 where I was ...”

Kristen Hodge

The amazing faculty at Rochester College (even those outside the psychology program) helped me to become the psychologist I am today. All of the psychology faculty inspired me in ..”

Tiffany Wright-Ofeimu

First and foremost, Rochester College provided me with the necessary educational credentials to back up my experience. I had been working in the field for a long time, but my ...”

Josh Simonis

I learned many valuable lessons at RC. The professors in the program shared a great deal of wisdom that has been valuable to my role in managing teams and running businesses. I even saved some of my most important assignments because they ...”

Andrea Walker

The professors at RC were supportive and challenging. Smaller class sizes meant attention to detail that English and writing need. The English degree was everything I needed to tackle both the business ...”

James Busam

Rochester College's program was so great for me because I had the help and one-on-one attention from professors and mentors I needed to succeed! I came into RC as a transfer student wanting to be serious about a professional career in theatre and what I got was ...”

Brooke Forystek

Rochester College’s accounting program gave me a great foundational knowledge of accounting that has helped me with many of my daily functions. It also helped build my ...”

Steve Linville

Rochester College’s mass communication program included many key courses which I can relate to in my daily life, in both professional and personal situations. There are a few courses which I remember vividly for not only the content, but the instructors who presented ...”

Rebecca Trouse, MA, LPC, NCC

My experience shows that students who graduate from the RC CEL Psychology program are often accepted and very respected in graduate programs. You will have a strong knowledge of psychology due to the rigorous standards at RC ...”