Payment for all textbooks purchased through the Online Bookstore must be made at the time of purchase. The online bookstore accepts credit or debit cards. If a student has a zero balance or debit balance due, bookstore purchases will not be permitted to be charged to the student’s account.

Bookstore voucher policy for Accelerated Learning programs at RC
Students in the AL program, that have a credit balance on their student account, after awards are packaged, will be sent a bookstore voucher to their RC email address. To opt-out of receiving the bookstore voucher, please email

Federal Regulations on Bookstore purchases
(i) Provisions for books and supplies. (1) An institution must provide a way for a Federal Pell Grant eligible student to obtain or purchase, by the seventh day of a payment period, the books and supplies required for the payment period if, 10 days before the beginning of the payment period—(i) The institution could disburse the title IV, HEA program funds for which the student is eligible; and(ii) Presuming the funds were disbursed, the student would have a credit balance under paragraph (e) of this section. Additional information on the federal regulations governing bookstore vouchers, please email