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FAFSA4caster enables high school students and their parents to get an early estimate on what financial aid they might be eligible for before actually completing the FAFSA form.

To apply for Federal (and some state) Financial Aid you must complete the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have to pay anyone to complete the FAFSA you are not on the correct website.

For a listing of potential State of MI awards please visit this website.

Scholarship Search Engines: Be careful of Scholarship Scams!

Student Loan borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling before receiving a loan disbursement and must complete Exit Counseling upon going below half-time status, graduating, or not returning to the same college the following semester. If you are taking out a student Stafford loan or parent PLUS loan, each borrower must also complete their respective electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN). The borrower would use his or her federal PIN# to electronically sign the eMPN.

Students at any time can view their Federal Loan and Federal Pell Grant history on the National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS). All schools must report Enrollment Histories for any student receiving Federal Loans and/or Federal Pell Grants. Students can see aggregate loan amounts and lender contact information. Students log in using their federal PIN#.  By clicking on “MyStudentData” button on the NSLDS Student Access website (, students may download their loan, grant, enrollment, and overpayment information, into a machine-readable, plain text file.

  • National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

Private Student Loan Options: Private loans fill in the gap between remaining need after all other institutional, federal, and third-party assistance have been exhausted. The second website provides information on avoiding deceptive loan offers. on YouTube

  • More than 60 videos
  • Inspirational videos from peers
  • Advice form current college students
  • Visit the link here

Federal Student Aid on YouTube



CashCourse is a website created by a non-profit agency to provide students with information on improving their financial literacy and financial well-being in their daily life. The intent of CashCourse is to help students manage their financial habits and to foster positive management practices. There is no cost to use this site.

This site will not assist students with their financial aid package at Rochester College. Students can contact Student Financial Services at 248.218.2127 for specific information pertaining to their financial aid.

Visit CashCourse at

The Simple Dollar has developed a guide that will help students and their families gain in depth knowledge about student loans along with practical strategies to manage their debt as well as potentially identifying if loan consolidation is an option.

View the entire guide along with all of its features here: – Student Loan Consolidation Guide



Go to  Once you get to the tax steps you are requested to enter your pin.

  1. Click on LINK TO IRS.
  2. Enter all requested information which is address and filing status (single, married, etc.)  Then it will show you all the figures it plans to transfer over to the FAFSA form.  At the bottom of the page check the box that says: TRANSFER MY TAX INFORMATION INTO THE FAFSA.
  3. Click the box to the right that says: TRANSFER NOW.  Now you are back to the FAFSA Form.  Finish answering the rest of the questions then hit the SUBMIT MY FAFSA box.