Pied Pipers at RC


The Pied Pipers is an improvisational children’s theatre troupe, which means every show is unique whenever they perform for a new audience.

The actors work to educate, engage, and entertain each group of children they perform for. Every child who comes to a Pipers show is greeted personally by a member of the troupe. As the Pied Pipers work together to build a world through the use of imagination, they invite audience members to participate in several of their stories and songs.

The Pipers perform throughout the year for schools, churches, birthday parties, libraries, and other organizations, and they draw from a large repertoire to provide an individualized, exciting experience for each audience.
Specializing in shows ranging from 30 to 45 minutes, the troupe offers a fresh and fun performance that can be adapted to most audiences and venues. People of all ages will enjoy being transported into the land of the Pied Pipers!

Pied Piper Brochure Download

Pied Piper Brochure Download


While Pied Piper shows are enjoyable and exciting, they are also designed to help audience members learn more about themselves and others. Stories and songs from around the world and across cultures help instill in children a love of reading, an appreciation of the arts, and a greater understanding of the world around them. Piper shows can also be specially tailored to focus on various themes such as friendship or standing up for what you believe in.


One of the fundamental principles of the Pied Pipers is the belief that a child’s imagination is one of the most powerful things in the world. Because of this, the troupe does not use any kind of sets or props during their performance. The scene is created in the minds of the audience. To aid in this, several of the Pipers’ stories are crafted to allow for audience participation. Children are encouraged to play along as much as possible throughout the show.


Pied Pipers shows are fun: plain and simple. Due to its improvisational nature, each performance is slightly different. The actors transition from song and dance to short stories, then back again at a moment’s notice to keep things fresh and engaging. The catchy tunes and funny stories keep children laughing and playing. Parents and teachers are sure to love the show as they get to watch not only the performers but the children’s reactions.


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According to the American Alliance For Theatre and Education, exposure to and involvement in theatre arts can not only improve a child’s academic performance, but it can also have a greatly positive impact on his or her self-esteem.