Audition to join the theatre program and/or qualify for scholarships!

Who can participate: Scholarships are for participation Rochester College campus theatrical productions regardless of major. Scholarships for theatre and musical theatre majors are available also. All incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current students are invited to participate.

Audition Requirements:

  1. Performance scholarships and/or program entry: 2 contrasting monologues totaling 3-4 minute
  2. Technical scholarships and/or program entry: Bring a portfolio/pictures/resume or similar artifact.
  3. Musical Theatre Applicants and/or program entry: Perform one 1-2 minute memorized monologue and a short musical theatre piece of your choice (at least 16 bars).
  4. All applicants will be given a short interview period with the theatre faculty.

Scholarship recipients are expected to participate in productions throughout the mainstage theatre season.