Psi Chi Zombie Run


Giraffe costume is not required, but encouraged.

Join us as we raise money for neuroscience outreach programs. On this day Rochester College students and the Rochester community race to save humanity. Runners register for 1K or 5K races as human survivors (wearing flag football tags) that need to complete a mission to obtain supplies OR as fast or slow zombies that come in costume and attempt to catch the human survivors. Races begin at 4:00 PM. Sign in opens at 3:00 PM. All registrants will receive a tee-shirt. *2017 design/size guaranteed if registered by October 13th. Prizes for first place 1K and 5K runners as well as zombie hunter and zombie costume contest winners. Tickets are an additional $5.00 at the door.

Participants: Choose 1 role to play

  • Human Survivors 5K or 1K: Attention!!! Rochester College is one of the last remaining safe zones for what is left of humanity after the zombie outbreak, but food supplies are running low! You must gather goods to trade for food and bring them to a rogue soldier in the nearest safe zone. Follow the route to the rogue soldier and return with the food supply without losing your brains (flag football belt). Avoid the slow zombies along the away. There may be up to 10 fast zombies in a zone, but the Psi Chi army will hold them off as long as they can and fast zombies cannot cross barriers in certain zones. Good luck! It up to you to save humanity as we know it!
  • Slow ZombieSlow Zombies: “Grrrr… eat…brains…. Slow zombie not like other slow zombies … slow zombie can’t run… ” Slow zombies will wander in their zones throughout the race. Slow zombies smell bad to other zombies and stay at least 12 feet apart. Easy Zombie Make up and zombie flesh how to.
  • Fast Zombies 1K or 5K: “Rarr!! Fast zombie hungry!!! Electric fence hurt fast zombie! Must stay in zones! Army bad!” Fast zombie ticket sales are limited. Survivors get a head start while the Fast zombies are held off by the Psi Chi army. Their goal is to get as many flags of survivor runners as they can. Fast zombies always move forward and do not wait for return runners. Fast zombies must catch runners from behind or will be eliminated from the race by the Psi Chi army. Fast zombies also cannot cross certain “electrified” zones marked with rope or chalk.


The event takes place on Rochester College campus (800 W Avon Rd, Rochester Hills, MI) and Clinton River Trail. Sign in and races begin in Riverside Park, located on the eastern most side of campus behind the baseball fields. Slow zombies are encouraged to arrive prior to the start of the race so there is time to hide within the course.


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Ticket Options

Buy your tickets early and online to save! Tickets are an additional $5.00 at the door. All participants must be at least 18 years of age or have a parent/legal guardian present to sign a waiver.

  • Student Zombie Ticket: $10.00 (Fast or Slow zombie, catch survivors)
  • Student 5K Survivor Ticket: $10.00 (Complete the 5K mission without losing tags)
  • Student 1K Survivor Ticket: $10.00 (Complete the 1K mission without losing tags)
  • Non-Student  Zombie Ticket: $20.00 (Fast or Slow zombie, catch survivors)
  • Non-Student Survivor Ticket: $20.00 (Complete the 5K mission without losing tags)
  • Non-Student Survivor Ticket: $20.00 (Complete the 1K mission without losing tags)

Sponsorship Options

  • $100 Water Sponsor (11 x 17 advertisement displayed at booth water stations, guaranteed table/chairs to present products at registration/finish line, advertisement on maps)
  • $50 Trail Marker Sponsor (11 x 17 B & W trail marker advertisement displayed, advertisement on maps)


Special Thanks to Our Sponsors: