BS in Mass Communication | Digital Media

The Digital Media track incorporates technical training in a broad spectrum of skills including videography; web design; and audio, video and online production at Specs Howard School of Media Arts with thorough analysis of media at Rochester College.

The hands-on program is focused on teaching students the fundamentals of quality digital video production, proper production techniques, editing and technical operation, fundamental website creation and the preparation and delivery of media via the Internet. Digital media students also gain supervised field experience in an internship.

This program is offered on our main campus in Rochester Hills and at Specs Howard School of Media Arts in Southfield or Farmington Hills.

Requirements for the BS in Mass Communication/Digital Media, Specs Howard School of Media Arts
General Education Core 46
Mass Communication Major 30
Choose three one-hour workshops during your degree:

  • JRN 1101 Shield Media Workshop
  • JRN 1101 Shield Media Workshop
  • JRN 1101 Shield Media Workshop
COM 3013 Communication Theory 3
MED 2013 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
JRN 2513 Media Writing 3
MED 3003 Media and Society 3
MED 3113 New Media Strategies 3
MED 4113 Media Law 3
MED 4893 Internship 3
MED 4943 Media Ethics 3
MED 4953HYB Media Seminar and Portfolio (capstone) 3
Digital Media Track (Specs Howard) 33
DMA 1114 Digital Media Art I 11.5
DMA 1214 Digital Media Art II 10.5
DMA 1314 Digital Media Art III 11
Minor (recommended) 18
Electives 2-10