Submissions are open until February 7th for the Spring 2019 issue of Blackberry Winter. Please review our guidelines for submission, and send all entries to blackberrywinter@rc.edu.

What we look for:
We accept literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, and artwork. Our editors are happy to consider work submitted by high school artists–scholarships may be available for high school artists whose work is selected for publication in Blackberry Winter.
Please don’t send us drafts of work—we are looking for carefully crafted works of art.

General Guidelines:
Please send submissions to blackberrywinter@rc.edu. Submissions sent directly to the editors will not be read.
Please send your work as an attachment (preferably a .doc, .docx, or .pdf), and not in the body of the email. The body of the email should list your name, contact information, and a brief (150 words or so) artist’s statement. No identifying information should appear on the piece itself other than the title. *We do not print untitled pieces or anonymous pieces.

What to expect:
Your piece(s) will be reviewed by the end of the year–expect to hear from us by early January at the latest. We are a student publication, dedicated to publishing quality work and mentoring emerging writers. Please understand that your piece is likely to be returned with comments/suggestions for revision–know that this response isn’t given with an intent to “fix” the work, but rather with the intent to let you, as the author, know how the piece has been received by the first round of readers, and to give you another chance to make the piece what it wants to be. If the author chooses to revise the piece based on the suggestions from the editorial board, revisions will be due by the end of January.

Occasionally, we may decide that a piece isn’t right for the current issue, but may be right for an upcoming issue. In that case, we will let the author know as soon as possible.

Authors/artists may submit in up to two of the following categories:

  • Fiction: Please submit only one work of prose at a time. Fiction entries should be 100-2,000 words. Entries should be double-spaced, with a page number on each page (no author’s name—identifying information other than the title should be sent in the body of the email only).
  • Poetry: Please submit up to three poems at a time, in a single attachment. Poetry submissions should be no longer than 8 pages. Please include page numbers (no author’s name) for submissions longer than one page.
  • Non-Fiction: We are seeking art and photographs (including an image that will be featured on the cover) as well as personal essays, travel essays, and memoir. Please limit entries to 2,000 words, two works of art, or two photographs.

We are accepting submissions on the theme “shades of blue” for the 2019 issue. Interpret that how you will, the options are endless!