Brian Eddings (Editor) is always ready to debate, create, and redesign poetry, creative writings, and art projects. He enjoys listening to informational discussions and reading mostly for enjoyment, and has been known to have an artistic eye. He believes that although one can read many books to attain knowledge, one has only one life to do it in so best to learn as you go. When reading and writing Brian likes to try out new perspectives as if they were his own, and relies heavily on voice to bend words into pleasing works of art.


Cassandra Brown (faculty advisor) The complete Ravenclaw package, she earned her BA in English from Rochester College and MA in Creative Writing on the Novel track from Newcastle University. She spent a few years as an agent intern and on staff for rights reversions and as a guide for self-publishing before becoming a full-time freelance book editor. She can be found drinking tea, taking MMA classes, and playing with her dog Mollie in Capac, MI, online at editorcassandra.com, and on twitter @OnlyCassandra.

Zac Watson (faculty advisor) has been an editor of fiction and nonfiction. He enjoys writing songs and poetry when he has time, as well as working with 2D and 3D design.  His favorite writers include Tom T. Hall, Flannery O’Connor, Billy Collins, C. S. Lewis, Sharon Creech, and James Thurber, and one of his favorite artists is his wife, Kim.

Lacy Schirmacher, Jessica Dempsey, Victoria Provo, Christian Todd, Nolin Bradley, Hannah Salinger, Adina Vanloo