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The Strategic Leadership program focuses on providing adult learners with knowledge and understanding needed to be effective in a broad range of leadership roles found in large or small, private, public, non-profit, corporate, government, or community organizations.

The program explores the complex nature of leadership in modern organizations that require leaders to be informed, forward-thinking, creative, innovative, motivating, team-building, problem-solving and adaptive. Students investigate the importance of understanding the culture in decision making as well as the theoretical foundations and practical behaviors and processes that promote positive leadership and organizational growth.


Rochester College’ history of providing a quality education within the context of a personalized student environment is expanding. We understand that adult learners have different needs than traditional college students because of their responsibilities to their professions, families and busy lives.

Our online Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Leadership offers a high quality academic program through a convenient delivery model. This provides you the flexibility and freedom to pursue your education, while balancing family and work commitments.


Strategic Leadership: Course Catalog