All business students are required to complete an internship as part of their major program. The business faculty contends that without an internship, you would be graduating from Rochester College at a disadvantage when compared to your peers from other business programs. An internship in the College of Business and Professional Studies has the potential to be the single most important aspect of your academic preparation with regards to your after college career.

The most recent graduate survey by MonsterTRAK revealed that the most important factors in securing employment were relevant work experience (73%) and educational background (21%). The internship program at Rochester College is designed to extend student-learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting into professional work environments. Internships provide an opportunity for students to earn academic credit while undertaking planned, professionally supervised work experiences related to their on-campus academic programs and career interests.

Goal oriented objectives and relationship between the three internship partners (the College, the internship organization and the student) are critical to the success of any internship.

Internship opportunities submitted to Rochester School of Business will be posted below as they are received.