Waed Barakat

St. Clair Shores, Mi

As part of the Learn & Play Preschool staff, Waed Barakat observed that the school was lacking material for physical activities. All that the children had for gross motor activity was balls and hula hoops. Physical activity is really important for young children’s development. Gross motor development is an essential part of the wellbeing of the child as a whole. Young children need a safe space where they can run, jump, and move freely. Outdoors is a great place for children to release their energy. A $5,000 grant from the Generous Foundation will bring a play structure, tricycles, and helmet for the children in our care. This will help young children to step into healthier lifestyles and assure that they are getting enough gross motor time throughout the day and hopefully reduce the rising number of obesity among children and increase the overall health and academic success. There are obvious benefits of physical activity for the body and minds. Research has found that it helps children gain strength and confidence in their bodies. It also helps them get exercise which is important for a healthy lifestyle. Developing strong physical skills allows children to do more complex skills in future activities, such as playing sports with a team. Research has also proven that children who are physically active have a high self-esteem, and are more socially active with peers as they have more confidence in themselves and their abilities. Children with high self-esteem are more likely to succeed in school. Therefore, providing physical activities for children will enhance the children’s overall development.