Sara LaPrise

Dryden, MI

Books, Books, and More Books!

Sara LaPrise’s capstone project in completion of her journey to earn an Early Childhood endorsement was to create a fictitious grant proposal for a fictitious school.  Her proposal consists of asking for funding to create a level reading library to run a Response to Intervention (RTI) reading program and Multi-Tiered Support System. This library and funding should help as well as enable students within her fictitious school to maintain grade level appropriate reading standards thus satisfying the Michigan House Bill 4822.  The library will consist of books for varying reading levels from kindergarten through 3rd grade. Twice a week teachers or paraprofessional will be able to read in small groups with students at differentiated reading level. The large library will mean there is more of a variety of books to satisfy all interests. There will be enough books for students to take home a book each week to practice reading with anything that can listen in their house.  The rough estimate of the of the grant will be $20,000.