Samuel Alan Wright

Lake Orion, Mi

To this day, Charles Dickens remains one of the world’s most renowned writers. One of his most frequently adapted works is Great Expectations. The coming-of-age novel chronicles the journey of Phillip “Pip” Pirrip, who discovers through decades of twists and turns that not everything is as it seems. This past fall, Sam Wright had the chance to portray the role of Pip in Barbara Field’s stage adaptation of Great Expectations. This production sought to portray the timeless tale through a unique and darker lens with the help of a dedicated cast, crew, and dizzying set. Through journaling, personal research and a short but extensive rehearsal process, Sam was able to help tell the timeless tale. With the show closed, and the set torn down; Sam will share his notes on the experience and rehearsal process as well as look back at the past five years working with RC’s theatre department.