Rebekkah Krul

Middleville, MI

Growing Like Weeds, A PreSchooler’s Garden

A schoolyard garden is an important piece within the center environment.  A garden provides so many different opportunities and lifelong lessons! Looking for a grant for “seed money” is a process that will enable these preschoolers a unique experience that will grow right along with them!  This classroom of preschoolers will decide what they want to plant and how much they want to plant. It will require daily and weekly checks, all of which will be managed by the children themselves, with some assistance from the teachers of course!

One of the most rewarding feelings in the world is watching an infant grow and develop into a toddler, who then leaps into the preschool world and beyond.  Is it possible for a child to feel this way about something? What if they were in charge of nurturing a living thing right from the beginning? Imagine the effect that this could have on a child!  Just as we watch our children grow, a child could watch their garden grow. The children at Shooting Stars Child Development Center would implement, design and nurture their own center garden, instilling lifelong lessons about responsibility, life, nutrition and teamwork.  Beginning a garden within the classroom environment is just the beginning, planning what they will plant, how will they help the plants to grow, what will they do with what they produce, these are all critical thinking questions that will help the children begin their gardening strategy.  This is a child led exploration of the environment around them, it will be full of cause and effect, documentation, utilizing all types of math, science, reading and writing skills, as well as developing their social and communication skills.