Raquel Deachin

Fenton, MI

Impact on Student Learning

“Impact on Student Learning” by Raquel Deachin is a research-based project highlighting the progression of student achievement in the subject of reading. The participants in the project included a second grade class from Musson Elementary in the Rochester Community Schools district. Deachin’s goal was to identify the level to which second grade students could recall, implement and explain strategies used in decoding unfamiliar words. Additionally, she wanted to determine the class’ level of confidence when working with challenging words. To begin, Deachin initiated a pre-test whereby students answered three questions requiring them to list decoding strategies, explain at least one of the strategies listed and to provide a ranking of confidence (high, average or low). After analyzing the data gathered from the pre-test, Deachin tailored instruction to the needs of the students. She utilized a method of classroom management entitled, “Whole Brain Teaching” which entails students’ eyes, ears and bodies being fully engaged during lesson instruction. After one week of instruction on decoding strategies, students were once again assessed via a post-test. The post-test was an exact replica of the pre-test. Deachin once again analyzed the data and compared the new results to those of the pre-test. The data revealed that Deachin’s instruction had a positive impact on student recall of decoding strategies and greater depth in explanation of those strategies. Additionally, students verbally indicated that they experienced greater confidence while working to identify and comprehend unfamiliar words.