Nathaniel Anderson

Lake Orion, Mi

Truett Cathy runs Chick-Fil-A, a multi-million dollar company with over 2,000 restaurants. He demonstrates the 5 levels of leadership as presented in John C. Maxwell’s The 5 Levels of Leadership and what it took for him to be a Level 5 leader.

The method of determining how Cathy went through all 5 levels of leadership will be presented throughout this paper. Cathy’s level 1 ethics played a huge role in becoming a level 5 leader.  He used relationships to bring his team together and progress to level 3. Cathy gained influence and credibility with his employees which brought him to level 4. During Level 4, He demonstrated how he has changed not only his employees’ lives but how he changed communities. Finally, Truett Cathy demonstrated how he was a naturally born leader, which brought him to the final stage of leadership level 5.