Maria Nasser

Dearborn Heights, Mi

Resources and materials are crucially important in a classroom. They are the key to success in each classroom. Education is one of the most important investments in the children’s future. Ensuring that children get the best of the best is important for their education. What will ensure this is instructional material that will increase the teacher/learning process by presenting information with the materials available to help students achieve knowledge and skills. Learning requires the effective available materials necessary to acquire success in the skill and knowledge attainment. “If not approached correctly, a classroom can be set up in a way that stifles the creativity and does not promote a positive learning environment.” (Hannah, 2013, p. 1) The ideal classroom has all the necessary material that is needed for the success of the students’ overall performance. Lacking material may hinder the achievement of students and lessen teacher motivation to teach properly. No teacher should have to worry about lack of resources and instructional materials for their classroom. Without the right resources the likelihood of a proper education is minimal. Children lacking the instructional materials needed will likely not get the full education necessary for them to excel.