Mallorie Lynn Green

Musical Theatre




Mallorie Green’s capstone project as a musical theatre major was playing the role of Agnes in Agnes of God. The process of portraying Agnes consisted of research, rehearsal and self-reflection. Her research started over the summer, which focused on molestation, child abuse and mental health. Mallorie researched how child abuse and molestation affects a child when they become an adult. The research provided that children become damaged from such behavior and in some cases, they do not know the difference between right and wrong. Before rehearsals, Mallorie used voice and relaxation techniques to warm up her body and mind to bring Agnes to life. She experimented with two theories. One was Agnes not knowing what happened and the other where she knew what she did to her child. Agnes of God is a play about innocence, loss, hope and love. Playwright John Pielmier ties in religion with a dark twist that has the audience questioning right and wrong. Can a person be mentally unstable, yet be responsible for their actions? Do miracles truly happen and this situation was merely God showcasing his presence? By decoding Agnes, it became apparent that trauma plays a relevant role in her life. Molestation caused Agnes to not recognize right from wrong, while mental and physical abuse caused her to have a mind of a child. All of these factors led to Agnes killing her baby and the consequences will haunt her for a lifetime. This project showcases the effects of the certain types of child abuse Agnes endured and if she truly knew what was happening to her from the moment her mother started abusing her to when she murdered her baby. Is Agnes innocent, or is she putting on a show?