Kirsten Cady

Clarkston, Mi

This grant proposal provides a detailed overview of how the Pre-K group, The EcoKids Project, would accomplish cleaning up their community, inspiring other community members to be actively involved in the community by keeping it safe and clean, and to use their Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) inventions to help aid them in cleaning up the community. The grant funds would be used to purchase three eco-friendly vans that would take the children around the community to help clean it up and educate others about its importance. These vans will shuttle children to different locations within the community. The children will clean up different areas of the community and also use their STEAM inventions to help them as well. The children will present their findings and how they have impacted their communities’ environment. This school will not only teach children about their environmental footprint but about how they can recycle and reuse. Children will connect their knowledge to help harvest food to eat and help reduce their waste, think of inventions that could help to create a cleaner environment, and spread what they know onto others. Children will reach out to the community to create a cleaner space and provide ideas for how they can help further. The EcoKids Project is important because it allows children to find their passions and also help the world and others. The key purpose of the project is to transform an idea into a tangible creation. The EcoKids Project is a project that will help this generation understand its consequences and how to solve current and future environmental issues.