Karlton R. Weber

Theatre Management

Rochester Hills, MI


Creating a Play In a World Without Art

What would the world be if all art were erased from existence? “Earth A-A: The Importance of Art” is a two-act version of a lengthier project by Rick Weber. This stage-friendly play adaptation is set in an alternate dimension with a similar history to that of our own. Situated in a post-world-war Earth, where all physical art was destroyed, a dictator rises to power and seizes control over the people (referred to as ‘subjects’). The story follows two friends who stumble upon a time capsule, an old site where a resistance leader was raised. Out of curiosity, they embark on a quest to return in time to various eras of the dramatic performing arts. This play explores the importance of art in a culture and its impact on that society. The two friends uncover the truth and rediscover the power of the dramatic arts. Questions that will be investigated include ‘Is art necessary for societal growth?’ and ‘Why is art education needed?’ Two opposing sides will be explored: those for art and those who are anti-art. The goal of “Earth A-A: The Importance of Art” is to show why art is necessary for a society to progress.