John Thomas Hershberger


Warren, MI

Who Is This Jaggers Fellow?

John’s capstone project as a theatre major was the assignment of the role of Actor 5 (Compeyson, Jaggers, and a Pocket) in Barbra Field’s play Great Expectations, based on the novel by Charles Dickens. The process of the role included periods of research, rehearsal, performance and self-reflection. The period of research took place over the duration of four months with a main focus on researching the time period and how the Jaggers character relates to Dickens. Extensive research was done on the play itself, focusing on the playwright, the author of the book, past productions, and critical reviews written on the play. Through the rehearsal period, the student focused on building his character and molding his work to match the vision of the director. The performance period was the time for the student to present his work to audiences, showcasing his skills and preparation. During the self- reflection period he assessed his growth through his time as a student at Rochester College focusing on the progress he was able to make, specifically during his time with this capstone project.