Jason Rymiszewski

Warren, Mi

This media ethics case study will examine ethical violations in three articles written by experienced journalist Lisa Blanck in 2015 for the Examiner.com site. The three articles were about a wildfire in the state of Washington.  A reader noticed inaccuracies in the articles. This led to an ethics investigation by iMediaEthics and it was found that not only was the content of the articles inaccurate, the pictures Blanck used were from fires that occurred several years before. The TARES test, which is an analytical framework used to determine the ethics of a media message, will be used to analyze in detail the ethical issues in question.  It uses five principles: truthfulness, authenticity, respect, equity, and social responsibility to determine if a message is ethical. In addition, the philosophical principle of utilitarianism, developed by John Stuart Mills and discusses how actions can lead to ethical consequences, will also be used to analyze the actions of Blanck.