Emily Sankuer

New Baltimore, MI

The Leadership of Mary Barra

The purpose of this research project is to explore the life and leadership of Mary Barra, the Chief Executive Officer of General Motors, and what it takes to become a level five leader as defined by John Maxwell. The topics that will be explored are how Mary Barra developed into a level five leader, her transformation through the other four levels leading up to becoming a level five leader, and how her transformational leadership brought GM significant growth and success. The questions that are addressed are what it takes to become a level five leader, and what effect can a transformational leader have on a company’s culture and success. The information referenced in this project was collected from various sources including internet articles from news sites as well as published textbooks. The findings from this research and analysis of Mary Barra’s success as a level five leader prove the steps outlined by John Maxwell are applicable to a real-life leadership development process and transformation.